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Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Ceramic Filter Media for Ponds

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    Special Structure

    The media has a lotus structure with spacious interior chambers and numerous tiny pores to maximize the bacterial development of our filter system.

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    Rough Surface

    The coarse surface of our filter media improves the nitrifying bacteria attachment and growth, quickly establishing an efficient nitrification system.

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    High Filter Efficiency

    The certified maximum efficiency of our ceramic filter media includes a water absorption rate of 80% and the capacity to filter at least 4,300 square meters/liter of water.

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    Rich Mineral Elements

    The housing is rich in various minerals to control the pH balance efficiently. The minerals also improve fishes’ bone growth, appetites, and blood condition.

Lotus Root Bacteria House III

  • New indented lotus root and spiral structure design
  • Keeps water and microbes active
  • Rich mineral elements helps fish growing stronger
  • Maximize space for nitrifying bacteria colonial

Lotus Root Bacteria House II

  • Calcified minerals to encourage water ecological balance
  • Incredibly small pores on the surface to house beneficial bacteria
  • Patented spiral structures for adding up to 3 times filtration space
  • Mesh protector for 3D spaced capacity bacterial development

Lotus Root Nitro Ring II

  • Open and closed pores for balanced aerobic and anaerobic bacteria development
  • Porous lotus structure for 60%-75% water absorption for maximum media filter efficiency
  • Development of beneficial bacteria to stop the formation of toxic ammonia and nitrite

Reliable Ceramic Filter Media Manufacturer For Pond

Our ceramic filter media for ponds utilizes biochemistry filtration by housing an ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that breaks down fish wastes and dead plant debris. The biochemistry filtration prevents the formation of ammonia and nitrite that are toxic to fishes. The porous structure allows for a better water absorption rate of 80% to prevent clogs.

We make sure that it only takes 14 days from receipt of order to delivery of our affordable ceramic filter media for ponds, ensuring a short lead-time. Ask for a quote today!

You'll Never Go Wrong With Mountain Tree

  • Real-Time Product Information

    We provide real-time updates on any new products that we develop such as our series of filter media orders. The regular updates help you get ahead of the competition when providing the latest filter media solution.

  • Better Sales Support

    Our dedicated team can provide professional consultations, fair expense deduction, customized POP materials, and much more. The superior sales support we offer can drive your sales figure, marketing effectiveness, and operational efficiencies.

  • 1-Year Product Testing Time

    Our R&D experts will test our products’ performance and its functions for one year as well as hiring a third agency to test the filter material. The tests ensure our ceramic filter media comply with RoHS, CE, & UL standards.